“Tomorrow’s Hospitality Leaders Summer Camp” Chisinau - Moldova
Location: Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel
77 Mitropolit Varlaam Street, Chisinau, Moldova
Age: 15-18 years old
Language of instruction: English
Level of English required: Intermediate

Price: 49 Eur - for any registrations made until the 1st June 2019
Price: 99 Eur - for any registrations made until the 7th June 2019

Included in price: trainings, meals and coffee-breaks,
team building events and group networks,
participation certificate.


The “Tomorrow’s Hospitality Leaders” (THL) workshop is a unique opportunity for future leaders from the ages of 16 to 18 to discover the industry of Hospitality, Business and Entrepreneurship. The students gain from an educational and hands on experience that will help them in building a career in the fastest growing industry in the world. The THL workshop is run by Swiss Education Group and will introduce students to Swiss quality and expertise in Business & Hospitality Management through a series of workshops, projects, creative games, company visits and activities.

The Course is made for:
- Business Driven High School Pupils and Students
- Potential Applicants for Foreign Universities
- Entrepreneurship driven persons
- Personalities willing to open a Start-Up
- Interested in Hospitality Management
- Undecided pupils on further profession

Price: 49 Eur - for any registrations made until the 1st June 2019
Price: 99 Eur - for any registrations made until the 7th June 2019

7-9 June 2019

Programme of the Camp

"Tomorrow’s Hospitality Leaders Summer Camp Chisinau - Moldova"

JUNE 7, 2019

12:00 Check-in
13:00 General Presentation
14:00 Introduction to Hospitality Trends and Business Plans
15:00 Introduction to Business Plannning
16:00 Driving Revenues for your buisness
17:00 Evening Activity
20:00 Closing the day

JUNE 8, 2019

09:00 Team workactivity
10:00 Professions and skills of the future: let’s talk about what you can NOT find in your textbooks
11:00 Follow-up on Business Plans
13:00 Team work
14:00 The Art of Presentations
15:00 Team Building Event
20:00 Closing the day

JUNE 9, 2019

09:00 Study Time
11:00 Guest Lecture
12:00 Student Presentations
13:00 Certificate Ceremony
14:00 Closing the event
* Participation is mandatory in all 3 days of the camp
The fees include Participation in all activities and events planned, welcome pack, study materials, stationery, meals and trips

The fees include Participation in all activities and events planned, welcome pack, study materials, stationery, meals and trips


Goran Yordanov
Head of Marketing and Development Eastern Europe

Brief intro: Mr. Yordanov is Head of Marketing and Development Eastern Europe for Swiss Education Group and has more than 9 years of experience in education sales and 6 years of experience in hotel management across 6 countries and different five star brands. Mr. Yordanov is a holder of MSc degree in hospitality management and has published work in the field of emotional intelligence in the hotel industry.

Tarek Kouatly
Position: Regional Manager, Marketing and Development Department

Tarek’s professional experience spans over 15 years and focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Having worked for companies such as McCann Erickson, Nokia Dubai, and currently the Swiss Education Group, has allowed him to build a strong and diverse comprehension of the business world. Holding a BSc in Business Administration, an MBA in Marketing and an MBA in Hospitality Management, he is now specialised in business development for higher education, and specifically for the field of hospitality management.


Swiss Education Group
Your Swiss Alliance of Leading Hospitality Management School

Since establishing our first hotel school in 1982, we have developed an alliance of world-class hospitality management schools. Our core educational values are based on the excellence of the Swiss hospitality tradition, with a strong focus on the practical aspects and soft skills of hotel management.

- five schools in seven stunning campuses in both the French and German-speaking regions of Switzerland;
- more than 6,500 students from over 110 different nationalities;
- a unique range of academic courses accredited by British and US universities;
- due to Swiss hospitality management tradition, programmes combine academic study with practical experience and each student undertakes two internships during studies;
- close ties with industry partners of global importance ensure that the quality of the academic courses meets the requirements of hospitality employers;
- students have exclusive access to bi-annual International Recruitment Forum with over 130 industry partners present each year;
- exceptional student experience within cutting-edge facilities, set amidst spectacular alpine and lakeside scenery or in lively Swiss cities;
- global alumni network of over 20,000 Swiss Education Group graduates worldwide with 30 chapter presidents around the world.


DEC Education
Your Accredited Consultancy on Education Worldwide
Being established in 1999, the international educational consultancy DEC Education has set as a key goal the development of the individual strategy for a child, taking into account the child’s capabilities, hobbies, interests priorities and family goals. Company experts assist in widening career and life prospects, getting satisfaction from studying, finding the path and becoming happy in life.
- more than 20 years of experience;
- offices in Moldova and Ukraine;
- more than 660 official partners;
- more than 5000 students on study abroad programmes from Moldova;
- the portfolio of services includes the professional orientation for students and young professionals;
- trusted examination centre for university level students on distance learning programmes;
- organizer of Specialised Educational Fairs;
- organizer of Professional Orientation Sessions, INFO-Sessions, Seminars and Trainings.


  • Address:
    18 Sfatul Tarii Street, off. 34, Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova
  • Tel. / Fax:
    +373 22 238 505
    +373 79 338 505
  • Schedule:
    Mon — Fri: 10:00–17:00